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Project “with small, large, back to school” was created from the desire to continue reducing the dropout rate and as a natural extension of the “school rediscoverfinanced from the European Social Fund. We aim to support young people to complete their primary education thereby helping them to access in the future, jobs that require this minimum level of education. The sustainability of this initiative is based on institutional collaboration with schools in the areas of implementation, the creation of 15 centers within the project functional equipped to unhold courses within the program “second chance”. The overall objective is to reduce and prevent early school leaving through programs of “second chance” for youth / adults who left school early, and maintaining the education of preschool children / students with disabilities at risk of early school leaving in the Bucharest-Ilfov region, South-Muntenia and South-West Oltenia. & nbsp; We address the target group of young people who have not completed any class or dropped out during primary level (ISCED 1), and at least four years beyond school age appropriate class. This group includes young people who have left school, aged between 18 and 25 years;