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Program “The Second Chance”

The “Second Chance” aims to support young people / adults to recover primary, and is open to all those who have not completed this level of education and who have passed at least four years the grade school age. The organization of the educational process within “Second Chance” primary education may be under the day, evening, merged and intensive. Within the “Second Chance” primary, primary education can be covered in two years. Duration of schooling can increase or decrease for each student based on proven skills in basic education.


Creative workshops aimed primarily prevention of early school leaving by preschool children / students with disabilities by actively involving parents / guardians in the education .. During the project, will be held 15 series of workshops for groups 14 preschool children / students with disabilities at risk of early school leaving, accompanied by one parent / guardian. These activities will take place over 2 days 4 hours per day on weekends – during the school year or school holidays. In the workshops, will be held two types of activities: creative activities and special counseling / guidance.